And Announcer babe Misty Mozejko

You know something…i’m an idiot.

All this time I have been focussing on how well emails work for YOU. How much money emails will make YOU and how YOU can sell every day using this daily email system.

But, after receiving the third glowing testimonial in a row from one of my clients…it has occurred to me that we are also empowering your readership and actually giving them a consumers voice. READ MORE

Yusaff is one cool dude.

I’ve been seeing him pop up all over the place…my Facebook chat, The Ben Settle Show Facebook and now he follows me on [my stale] Instagram account.

Either he is stalking me OR he is eager to learn the art of writing seductive copy. READ MORE

Keith Dean, the SEO wonder that he is, was telling me about Dan Meredith’s Gary Vee event and how much he enjoyed it…

How can you not? Dan M and Gary Vee both have larger than life personalities and I can imagine the room was electric. READ MORE

So I teamed up with some British Aristocracy to bring you the May challenge for The Ben Settle Show Face Crook Group.

Yeh…this one is a little “left from centre” but as always, massive amounts of fun.

You see, Lord Whitehand is a UK born and bred video-story teller. READ MORE

I’m 6ft tall and in heels, I am simply amazonian. I’ve been told i’m somewhat intimidating and can be overly-critical.

If you have ever read Matilda by Roald Dahl, I could be compared to Mrs Trunchbull….

…a punishing woman with no time for stupidity. READ MORE

Look I totally get this “holding up tradition” business. I get the old school teaching methods and I get that sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

I know all that and so when I read about people laboriously writing out ads hundreds of times in long hand.. READ MORE

Y’all know i’m a social-stalker and I have eyes pretty much everywhere…anyhoo, yesterday, in one of Ben’s paid email groups, my beloved Mary Maguire wrote:

“I LOVE Copy Slacker!! I have a new offer for a product I’ve been working on over the past three months. READ MORE

So yesterday I got on the phone with Readers Digest. They wanted to interview me about “losing weight over the holidays”.

Yeh. I had to start thinking about Christmas in April….torture.

Anyway, the lady that called was a gem. I really nice person and we got a long like a house on fire. READ MORE

There’s a new guy in town. He’s caught my eye. He’s made me laugh and inspired my creativity.

Guys like that only happen once in a while and so when they come into your life you must seize them and make them into email fodder. READ MORE

The smooth as silk podcaster Garrett Daun hit me up on Facebook last night. We were chatting about our mutual love of fluffy little puppies and his love for my daily emails when I had a flash of inspiration…

If Garrett loves my emails so much, well, let me write one for him. READ MORE

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